An explosive figure, as well as his impact to the area. Our great poet, Aggelos Sikelianos, lived for 20 years at Xylokastro. His impact to the area, left behind his own house, the villa , including many memories of a dreaming life and a special presence.

The construction of the villa, which he personally designed, was completed in 1916, where along with his first wife, Eva Palmer, accommodated significant personalities of that time, such as Kostis Palamas, Kostas Kariotakis and Nikos Kazantzakis. At the end of 1950’s, this unique architectural style of construction passes into the hands of Spuros Tupaldos, who recognized both its cultural and tourist value. Focusing on Sikeliano’s villa and the Xylokastro’s peak forest, Pefkia, the Greek shipowner, created the first organized tourist company and in combination with the homonymous shipping company, was the leader in the development of the Greek tourism industry.

At first, the company, build wooden bungalows 20-25 square meters, which in combination with the family shipping was an excellent investment. Later, a summer holiday hotel was created and operated until 2008.

However, at 1989, the villa is being characterized as an important monument of the country’s newest cultural heritage and is protected by the relevant legislation. At 2009, an extensive redevelopment program begins and Sikyon Coast & Resort is built by Leonidas Tupaldos, grandson of the founder. The new modern resort offers quality hospitality services, while the villa is a living cell of the resort, as dinners and guided tours are organized.