Kazantzakis, Karyotakis, Palamas and many other important personalities enjoyed the hospitality of Sikelianos in the villa, which was later characterized as an important monument of the newer cultural heritage.

Here, in the same green yard, with the aura of the past, a magical scenery is set up, bringing authentic Italian recipes, embellishing them with well-known beverage labels and inspired cocktails. Walk to the lush gardens and then enjoy a unique dinner in the yard of the villa.


The breeze of the sea blends harmoniously with the elements of history that brings along the name Palmer, the American first husband of Angelos Sikelianos, and the bar - restaurant takes off the experience.

A relaxing scenery on the sea, with gastronomic comfort food suggestions with Greek approach. The main axis and the idea behind the restaurant is the use of local and Greek materials, such as virgin olive oil from the hills of Argolida and Messinia, fava from Feneos, traditional sausages from Korinthia, varietal vinegar from Nemea, handmade pasta from Loutraki, honey from the mountain Korinthia, fresh vegetables and fruit of the region.

The fully updated list of alcohol, with original cocktails ideally combined with the restaurant menu, comes to seal the experience with the stamp of our experienced bar tenders.

Download menu (pdf)

Food Poems

Guided by selected Greek products, we create images, strengthen emotions, reestablish authentic taste.

Our main priority is the result and the ideal combinations. We aim for good food, relaxation, fun, welfare. We reconstitute the Greek mosaic of the taste, the experience, the pleasure and present it in its best version.

Beach Bar

Summer in Korinthos has a destination, and that's Sikyon's Beach Bar. The deep blue sea, the comfortable sunbeds, the day sunbed, the huge pillows and, of course, the rhythm of a continuous and distinct party.

Swim in the cool waters of the Corinthian, entertain with selected music from professionals Djs and enjoy the quality coffee. After your swim, try the inspired cocktails and select comfort dishes from the plentiful menu. Flavored tortillas with smoked salmon and guacamole, chicken burritos, ciabatta with prosciutto, as well as many choices from appetizing burgers and cheese & cold cuts platters will be the ideal accompaniment to the rich beverage list. A wide selection of beers, tsipouro and ouzo as well as a carefully selected wine list will make your summer days fun and relaxing.


Good morning!!

At Sikyon Coast Hotel & Resort we strongly believe that breakfast is a serious matter. In this context, inspired by the best raw materials from the Peloponnese area, we create homemade delicacies for our visitors, on an everyday basis.

  • Original orange blossom honey from Corinth & forest honey from Stymfalia …
  • organic jams made from fruits of the ancient Sicyonia …
  • sausages from Nemea …
  • dairy products from Arcadia …
  • yellow pumpkins cultivated in our vegetable garden …
  • fruits and fresh vegetables from the region …

is … exactly what we need!

Every day, you are welcome to enjoy homemade pies, the “sfouggato” (scrambled eggs with herbs and vegetables), our fruit tarts, sweet pumpkin pie, and if you wish, ask the kitchen to serve you fresh fried eggs.

Bon appétit!