Conveniently situated approximately 1 hour & 15 minutes away from the centre of Athens, Piraeus Port and Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos, Sikyon Hotel & Resort is the closest and quickest seafront escape from the city offering also the perfect base to explore the ancient historic wonders of the Greek world with Mykines only a one hour drive from the resort and a 2 hour drive to Ancient Olympia and Delphi.


It is located at an altitude of 575 meters and dominates the Corinth plain. Acrocorinth has been used since ancient times as a watch. In 1210, the castle was occupied by the Franks, and later relinquished to several families in Italy. Later, Acrocorinth goes to the property of Theodoros Palaiologos, who sells it for economic reasons to the Knights of Ioannis, who keep it until 1404. In 1458, Mohamed II the Conqueror occupied the castle, 300 years later, in 1687 he passed it to Venetians, who repair it and give it its present form. In 1715 the Turkish besieged and occupied it. The castle remained with them until 1821, while in July 1822, it passed to the Greek fighters when Dramalis recaptured it. Eventually, it finally came to the Greeks in 1827 at the end of the Revolution.

Doxa Lake

The mountainious diamond of Corinthia, the artificial lake Doxa, is located at an altitude of 900 meters, at Feneos, on a large plateau between the Zeiria and Helmos Mountains. The lake is surrounded by pine trees, oak trees, plane trees and chestnut trees, while in the lake, in the formation of a small island, we meet the church of Agios Fanourios. In the area of the lake, many alternative activities are taking place.

Fonissa Gorge

It is a torrent that starts from the village of Vrysoules and reaches Loutro village very close to Xylokastro city.In ancient times this torrent was the boundary of ancient Pellini and was called "Aries". It is a small but impressive gorge. Imposing, it unfolds in front of us on a journey of about 10 kilometers.

The Stream of mills

It is a natural ravine with ponds full of trouts, waterfalls and wooden bridges, which offers the visitor unique moments of peace and relaxation. An idyllic place that everyone can feel the greatness of nature. It is located near the plateau of Zacholis with the dense black pine forest and is an easy route for every visitor who loves walking, in the shade of towering trees, with small waterfalls and lakes.

Volcano Sousaki

We find it at an altitude of 180 meters from the surface of the sea, at Sousaki, near Agioi Theodoroi of Korinthia. It is the Crommyon Volcano, which belongs to the same volcanic arc with the volcanoes of Methana, Aegina, Poros, Nisyros and Santorini. Although the last volcanic eruption in the area occurred 2.7 million years ago, the volcano still exhibits a very intense post-volcanic activity with hot gases. Here, a hiking experience is different from the others. When you get into the area, the landscape changes sharply and the vegetation gives way to a literally lunar landscape full of volcanic rocks and small arcades. Continuing higher, the trail crosses the valley of a stream and in some places the visitor can see water flowing through the earth's throats. The landscape becomes green again and the pine trees appear on the steep slopes. Small cypress trees, rare flowers, but also reeds. Even higher and depending on the season,you can also find small waterfalls, completing the beautiful image of the climb.

Dasiou Lake

Dasio Lake is surrounded by fir and mountainous vegetation, forming a small islet in the middle and is home to many rare species of plants and animals. It is located to the west of the plateau of Zireia, very close to Trikala, at an altitude of about 1,600 meters. It is also an ideal place for hiking or mountain biking.

Lake Stymfalia

A beautiful lake - a wetland habitat that hosts many mammals and has been declared a game haven. It has been included in the Important Bird Areas of Greece and the NATURA 2000 network. It hosts dozens of bird species that nest or park there during their migratory journey.

Flambouritsa Valley

The Flambouritsa Valley, which is part of the Natura 2000 network, is characterized by a high biodiversity. This is where the Sitha river flows into the sea of Xylokastro. Everywhere there are streams and waters that spill under century-old trees and make the scenery ideal for hiking.

Aesthetic Forest of Mongostos

It is located in the municipality of Xylokastro, and is a remnant of the vast oak forests of the Peloponnese and among the centuries-old oak trees, it hosts many species of flora and fauna. Around it, the plain is covered with vineyards and from its top it offers a wonderful view of the coast and the slopes of Ziria.

Ancient Sikyona

It is located on the hill of Vasiliko, which is a village about 4 km south of Kiato. The theater and Roman bath are the most imposing of the ruins of ancient Sikyona. The eastern part is considered the main gymnasium and was made by the father of Aratos, Kleinia around 280 BC. The top (70 meters long and 32.50 meters width) is considered to be a later addition to the Roman times. Another remarkable monument is the ruins of the 7th-century archaic temple on the market precinct dedicated to Artemis or Apollo.